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Can anyone help me?

Hi! Remember me? I made this post and the one before it.

I recently drove by the abandoned factory in San Antonio Tx I briefly mentioned visiting one night to snap photos (Pictured here) and see if I couldn't get any paranormal activity. It brought it back to mind that I still know nothing about the factory. I had consulted a friend of mine who said I should do as much research on the factory as possible and see if I couldn't find out what had happened there.

I've done a lot of on-line research because all I can find out from the few people who know something about the factory is that there was a explosion there about 50-60 years ago that killed a lot of people. Confirmed by several people, (including one whose grandfather worked there and I'm waiting for him to ask his grandfather and get back to me, so far he keeps forgetting) who have all said about the same thing. Now, you'd think that there would be records of an explosion at a factory/silo/refinery/quarry (I've googled and used yahoo with all four terms) and so far I've come up with nothing. This seems highly suspect to me. I've found similiar stories from the same time period but in the wrong area of town. I've used mySA.com and short of going downtown for records of the land, I've pretty much hit a dead end.

Doesn't this seem a bit unusual to anyone else? That there was an explosion that killed people and no easily accessible record of it? I'm very curious about this place, its history and why there is so much paranormal activity there. So if anyone else lives in the San Antonio area and knows anything about the abandoned factory over off of Wurzback Parkway, please let me know. Also, if anyone's parents/grandparents lived in South Texas during that time period, perhaps you could ask them if they heard anything about it on the news (a tragedy of that scale should have been mentioned in more than just San Antonio, I'm sure) for me? I'd be really grateful.
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