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Well you asked, I'm deliverin'

I would have had these up sooner, but I zonked on the couch with my daughter. lol bad ole me. But yes, I got them all uploaded.

Anyway, there are three sub-galleries, the first one has all the pictures and the explanation to go with them as its more dial-up friendly and the pictures I had to change the brightness/contrast so people with regular monitors could view them. I also put up the original pictures with nothing done to them in anyway, and the last gallery is the same pictures from the first gallery, but saved at a much higher quality than the first, so they take a long time to open. Even for me and I have DSL.

Here's the link to the first gallery, which you're welcome to look over anything that's there in all three galleries. (and if you have a flat screen or LCD monitor, you can go straight to the original pictures and view those. I only made the other copies because regular monitors aren't bright enough to see whats there in the darkness) the dial-up friendly gallery The first six pictures in each gallery are from the haunted factory, mostly known as fear factory around San Antonio.

as you can see, there is a smoky screen in the middle of the pathway. This is what made me go OMG.

same place, picture taken just seconds later and the smoky screen is gone. I've looked at other similiar pictures and the smoke is actually ecto plasm! Wow! I do see two dull orbs running off down the path in this picture.

This is an awesome community and you guys are more than welcome to look over my recent ghost hunting expeditions! :)
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