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Hi, wanted to introduce myself!

My real name is Lisa, I live in the San Antonio area. I've lived in at least two haunted houses in my recollection.

For a long time, I've had an interest in the paranormal. Probably because weird things have happened to me almost my entire life. When I was very young, I once ran into an invisible wall. I stopped, couldn't go further and was confused because there was nothing in front of me. I was outside, playing in the car port, I tried to move again and it was suddenly gone. During the same time, whenever we were at the mall, I always felt someone touching my bum. A physical touch. I would turn and there would be nobody there! This only ever happened to me at the mall.

The house my mom now lives in, in the NE side of town, when we first moved into it, was haunted. I won't go into details because it would require an explanation too long for a first time poster, but things mysteriously were moved from one place and then moved back where they had been placed originally and something tossed a small piece of crayon at me, which landed in the middle of my floor, I was sitting at least two feet away from my bed, which were bunk beds, so I doubt it would have fallen from my bed, seeing as I was facing away from the bed and the crayon fell right in front of me.
The house my dad lives in now, as my parents are divorced, has a strange presence that only haunts the stairs and the upstairs area. The longer I lived there, the more intense the feeling that there was someone or something watching me from that staircase. I still get the chills whenever I remember that feeling. It was creepy.

Recently, my fiance who shares my passion for the paranormal, we both decided to see if we couldn't get something on camera. We've both experienced in his parents' house being touched by something, maybe flicked is a better term. It wasn't just a soft touch, it was like someone had flicked us both on the side of our chests with their finger. We looked at each other and tried to eliminate any possibility of it being our jewelry having swung around and hit us, but there is no way. He was laying on top of the cross he wears around his neck and my jewelry was hanging from my neck on a very short chain. (We were snuggling with me on top of him on his bed when it happened) Freaked us both out.

Anyway back to my tale. We recently went out to an abandoned factory to take some pictures because we'd heard it was haunted, we got a few strange things in those pictures that got us excited, so we decided to go elsewhere. To Commanche Look Out Hill, which is renowned for being haunted. I've been up there at night myself before and saw someone standing off in the shadows. But when we left, the figure was no longer there. This time around, we brought my digital camera with us and started up the trails and started snapping pictures. Even in the small viewscreen of my camera, I saw a few orbs and when I snapped off another picture, the orbs had moved on down the path. The more I snapped off pictures, the more orbs I saw and the more they darted away. By this time, we had rounded to the back side of the hill and were heading up, when I started to feel very opressed. I had been feeling like we should not have been there, but we pressed on until it got darker and we both stopped at one point and my fiance told me to snap a picture, so I did. When I looked at the viewscreen, I saw something in it that made me exclaim, I snapped another one and it was no longer there, but running off down the path. I could barely breathe though, so I told my fiance we needed to leave and aloud I told the spirits around us that we would go now and just to let us leave. Almost as soon as we got back on the path that led to our car, I could breathe again and felt more relaxed. We got back home and I looked over the pictures and the activity there was just amazing! I will upload the pictures to my lj scrapbook later and if anyone is interested in seeing the photos from last night or our trip to the factory, please let me know.

We're both very interested in paranormal activity. My fiance has his own set of tales to tell about his childhood and what's happened to him, and his are much more intense than anything I've ever experienced before, but I seem to have more of a sensitivity to it than he does. He did not feel the opression last night and I could feel it very accutely. I should get back to looking over those pictures. This is a first for us!

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nice stories! i'd love to see your pictures :D
I have them all uploaded now. I finally got all those pictures uploaded. :)
can't wait to see!

Deleted comment

yes, it seems that way doesn't it? As I said, I think I am sensitive to these things and stuff that some people would never notice, I do. Like the staircase in my dad's house. No one ever got freaked out by it, but I sure did. =P
I'd love to see your pictures!
definintely. I have them uploaded and will post the very last two I took and then give a link to thew rest to show you the very best activity that I caught on camera. I am very glad I found this community. =D
Such great tales! Wow! You seem like a beacon for paranormal activity! I would love to see the photos! :D Welcome to the community! :)
thank you! I am glad I found this place. I finally have the photos uploaded. :) You should hear some of my faince's more hair curling tales. Wow. xP