Astra (astraether) wrote in tx_paranormal,

Driskill Hotel in Austin

Recently my boyfriend and I have taken up a new hobby -- ghost-hunting. Or at least ghost-researching, as stories of the paranormal have always interested us both. We live in Austin, which features a number of historic buildings in the downtown area -- including the Driskill hotel, built in 1886 and reputed to be haunted.

We've poked around, done some research online and visited the place on a number of occasions, but there's only so much we can discover that way. So I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone has experienced any "strange happenings" at the Driskill firsthand -- or if you know anyone who has. We'd like to know specific facts, if you have them -- such as what rooms are supposedly haunted, when these strange happenings occurred, and so on. The more detail the better. And we're perfectly happy to post any of our findings here, for the curious!

Thanks for any help.
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