Zombie Sheep (zombiesheep) wrote in tx_paranormal,
Zombie Sheep

Story Behind the House

Well, I figured I should post the story about the house mentioned here.

Now all of this is second had from my mother and stepfather so please excuse some of the lack of facts.

My stepfather is a truck driver so, of course goes about everywhereish. He passed by the house many times and noticed a very strange thing. In the upper most window, sitting on the sill was a Winny the Pooh stuffed toy that was lit by a light behind it. That in itself is strange because no one lives there.
The next time he drove by he noticed the doll was missing and a window was broken. We guessed that someone had broken in a stole it for some silly reason. Later on the window was replaced, which means that someone is keeping the place up, as you can see from the picture in my earlier post. The only things wrong is it's a little worn, the yard is a bit of a wreck and the paint is all gone.
The third incident, the one that leads me to believe the house is haunted, happened a while back. My mother decided to go with my stepfather on of his runs, no big deal, she did it all the time. They decided to stop by the house and that is where the strangeness began.
My mother just got a really weird feeling and didn't want to be there (our entire family has even a slight bit of ghosty sensing abilities) and demanded they left. My stepfather wanted to go into the yard, bypassing the fence surrounding the house. Adamant as always my mom finally won. That, however, was not the end. He started acting weird, driving too fast through small towns and ignoring a few red lights and eating constantly. This lasted all the way to Lufkin(sp?) and my stepfather had no recollection of what had happened.
This incident got my interest peaked so now I am trying to track down information and failing horribly. We have many theories, mostly involving a child's death, mainly because of the Pooh toy. Not super freaky because I forgot a few facts, but still a little unnerving.
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