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Belated greetings to our new members! I've been a terrible and neglectful mod (work and family issues have kept me from using the computer for longer than a few moments a day). But I am here and I do read what you all have to say. And I'd love to hear more! So, this time the theme is - "What was your first inkling that the supernatural exists?"

Mine was a comforting story, thankfully. As a child, I'd often feel as though I were not alone. More than an imaginary friend, I felt as though there were "people" around me even when I was all alone. I used to have frequent nightmares, and would wake up, terrified and stare out my doorway into the dark hallway and spend the rest of the night sleepless, too afraid to even close my eyes. After several months of this - the vivid nightmares, the sleepless nights - it reached it's worse point. I crawled into bed already too afraid of the impending nightmares to even shut my eyes. I stared into the darkness, petrified. I wanted to run to my parents room but was too scared to get out of my bed for fear that something was awaiting. I tried to scream for them, but I could not force myself to make a sound. For over an hour I lay like this, finally scared to tears. It was then that I felt the presence, not of something dangerous or frightening, but soothing, comforting. I looked around the room and then I saw the faintest shimmer soft white light. It was misty, but it looked like a person's figure, standing there beside my bed. It just stood there beside me and I felt the fear subside completely. It was as if this "person" were telling me without words that everything was fine, nothing was going to harm me. Then it left - it didn't fade slowly or leave the room, just vanished - and I immediately fell asleep.

that was the first time, at the age of 5 I think, that I realized there was more to this world than meets the eye, and thankfully it was a good experience.
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