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Hello all!

I just stumbled upon this group as a result of my unrelenting boredom. Woot!

Anyway, I'm a freelance photog from the Houston area who's really not been exposed to anything unusual really, sad to say. That's not to say I'm not trying though. I and a few of my friends are looking for some suggestions for haunted places around the area. There's a cemetery or 2 on the outskirts of Sugar Land where it seemed promising, but nothing really came of it. I did manage to get some good shots of old headstones by just pointing around in the dark though...

Then again, I spent part of last New Year's Eve in a cemetery in Maine. Now there's a good atmosphere for ghost stories. It's where I'm also moving to in a few weeks (Maine, not the cemetery). I guess I'm looking for a few things before the big goodbye!

Any tips or locations would be great!
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