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Texas Hauntings

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[27 Jan 2011|11:40am]

Not that Wichita Falls is the most exciting place on Earth, but they will soon be offering cemetery tours, which I think would be really interesting.
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Killough, TX [23 Feb 2009|08:09pm]

Aww, it is so quiet here. Let's get this community going again, it's fun!

Up in East Tx about an hour or so from Dallas toward the LA border is Killough Cemetery. For a background of what happened in the Killough settlement, here's a link!.

My family and some friends headed out to the Killough Cemetery one night after a bit of daring and double-daring.=) When they got down the long road toward the cemetery there were bright lights seen hovering over the cemetery and they stated there was a low-level greenish glow on the ground. Needless to say, they high-tailed it out of the area, haha.

There are a few pages that talk about the atmosphere out there

I plan on going out there one night when the weather improves for certain, but there are a number of stories of odd lights and sounds late at night out at the site.

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Paranormal Gear Community [03 Apr 2008|06:45pm]

Not sure if anyone here would be interested or not but I've created a community intended to discuss the gear used in paranormal research. Anything from how and why it's used to questions about specific models,etc. I hope it will become a place where, for instance, you can can ask about a certain EMF meter you are thinking about buying and perhaps someone will have some experience with it, etc. Nothing's there yet, infact i'm the only member but hopefully that will change as people join.

check out and join ghosttech
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[09 Sep 2007|10:51am]

Spooky Places in North Texas, courtesy of Abigail CarterCollapse )
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[29 Dec 2006|02:17pm]

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Got Psi? [23 Oct 2006|10:00pm]

Ever wished that you could have all your psi in one place, but was afraid to ask? Well, here it is:


Subscribe to the LJ feed here!
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[02 May 2006|11:26am]

ghostly hands in the el paso, tx insights museum?Collapse )
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Can anyone help me? [13 Dec 2005|05:32pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi! Remember me? I made this post and the one before it.

I recently drove by the abandoned factory in San Antonio Tx I briefly mentioned visiting one night to snap photos (Pictured here) and see if I couldn't get any paranormal activity. It brought it back to mind that I still know nothing about the factory. I had consulted a friend of mine who said I should do as much research on the factory as possible and see if I couldn't find out what had happened there.

I've done a lot of on-line research because all I can find out from the few people who know something about the factory is that there was a explosion there about 50-60 years ago that killed a lot of people. Confirmed by several people, (including one whose grandfather worked there and I'm waiting for him to ask his grandfather and get back to me, so far he keeps forgetting) who have all said about the same thing. Now, you'd think that there would be records of an explosion at a factory/silo/refinery/quarry (I've googled and used yahoo with all four terms) and so far I've come up with nothing. This seems highly suspect to me. I've found similiar stories from the same time period but in the wrong area of town. I've used mySA.com and short of going downtown for records of the land, I've pretty much hit a dead end.

Doesn't this seem a bit unusual to anyone else? That there was an explosion that killed people and no easily accessible record of it? I'm very curious about this place, its history and why there is so much paranormal activity there. So if anyone else lives in the San Antonio area and knows anything about the abandoned factory over off of Wurzback Parkway, please let me know. Also, if anyone's parents/grandparents lived in South Texas during that time period, perhaps you could ask them if they heard anything about it on the news (a tragedy of that scale should have been mentioned in more than just San Antonio, I'm sure) for me? I'd be really grateful.

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Well you asked, I'm deliverin' [06 Nov 2005|11:49pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I would have had these up sooner, but I zonked on the couch with my daughter. lol bad ole me. But yes, I got them all uploaded.

Anyway, there are three sub-galleries, the first one has all the pictures and the explanation to go with them as its more dial-up friendly and the pictures I had to change the brightness/contrast so people with regular monitors could view them. I also put up the original pictures with nothing done to them in anyway, and the last gallery is the same pictures from the first gallery, but saved at a much higher quality than the first, so they take a long time to open. Even for me and I have DSL.

Here's the link to the first gallery, which you're welcome to look over anything that's there in all three galleries. (and if you have a flat screen or LCD monitor, you can go straight to the original pictures and view those. I only made the other copies because regular monitors aren't bright enough to see whats there in the darkness) the dial-up friendly gallery The first six pictures in each gallery are from the haunted factory, mostly known as fear factory around San Antonio.

cut to be f-page friendlyCollapse )

This is an awesome community and you guys are more than welcome to look over my recent ghost hunting expeditions! :)

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Hi, wanted to introduce myself! [06 Nov 2005|04:47pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

My real name is Lisa, I live in the San Antonio area. I've lived in at least two haunted houses in my recollection.

For a long time, I've had an interest in the paranormal. Probably because weird things have happened to me almost my entire life. When I was very young, I once ran into an invisible wall. I stopped, couldn't go further and was confused because there was nothing in front of me. I was outside, playing in the car port, I tried to move again and it was suddenly gone. During the same time, whenever we were at the mall, I always felt someone touching my bum. A physical touch. I would turn and there would be nobody there! This only ever happened to me at the mall.

The house my mom now lives in, in the NE side of town, when we first moved into it, was haunted. I won't go into details because it would require an explanation too long for a first time poster, but things mysteriously were moved from one place and then moved back where they had been placed originally and something tossed a small piece of crayon at me, which landed in the middle of my floor, I was sitting at least two feet away from my bed, which were bunk beds, so I doubt it would have fallen from my bed, seeing as I was facing away from the bed and the crayon fell right in front of me.
The house my dad lives in now, as my parents are divorced, has a strange presence that only haunts the stairs and the upstairs area. The longer I lived there, the more intense the feeling that there was someone or something watching me from that staircase. I still get the chills whenever I remember that feeling. It was creepy.

Recently, my fiance who shares my passion for the paranormal, we both decided to see if we couldn't get something on camera. We've both experienced in his parents' house being touched by something, maybe flicked is a better term. It wasn't just a soft touch, it was like someone had flicked us both on the side of our chests with their finger. We looked at each other and tried to eliminate any possibility of it being our jewelry having swung around and hit us, but there is no way. He was laying on top of the cross he wears around his neck and my jewelry was hanging from my neck on a very short chain. (We were snuggling with me on top of him on his bed when it happened) Freaked us both out.

Anyway back to my tale. We recently went out to an abandoned factory to take some pictures because we'd heard it was haunted, we got a few strange things in those pictures that got us excited, so we decided to go elsewhere. To Commanche Look Out Hill, which is renowned for being haunted. I've been up there at night myself before and saw someone standing off in the shadows. But when we left, the figure was no longer there. This time around, we brought my digital camera with us and started up the trails and started snapping pictures. Even in the small viewscreen of my camera, I saw a few orbs and when I snapped off another picture, the orbs had moved on down the path. The more I snapped off pictures, the more orbs I saw and the more they darted away. By this time, we had rounded to the back side of the hill and were heading up, when I started to feel very opressed. I had been feeling like we should not have been there, but we pressed on until it got darker and we both stopped at one point and my fiance told me to snap a picture, so I did. When I looked at the viewscreen, I saw something in it that made me exclaim, I snapped another one and it was no longer there, but running off down the path. I could barely breathe though, so I told my fiance we needed to leave and aloud I told the spirits around us that we would go now and just to let us leave. Almost as soon as we got back on the path that led to our car, I could breathe again and felt more relaxed. We got back home and I looked over the pictures and the activity there was just amazing! I will upload the pictures to my lj scrapbook later and if anyone is interested in seeing the photos from last night or our trip to the factory, please let me know.

We're both very interested in paranormal activity. My fiance has his own set of tales to tell about his childhood and what's happened to him, and his are much more intense than anything I've ever experienced before, but I seem to have more of a sensitivity to it than he does. He did not feel the opression last night and I could feel it very accutely. I should get back to looking over those pictures. This is a first for us!


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[31 Aug 2005|09:17pm]

nolarescue is a group dedicated to helping in any way possible the victims of Katrina. If you have information, need information, want to post about someone you are searching for, or post about someone you know to be safe, please do it here. Also, please pass this link around as much as you can - it isn't much, but a place to consolidate information and have a "role-call" might not be a bad idea.
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I be newbie, Yo. [26 Apr 2005|08:32pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]


I am, obviously, a new member, who found this community through a random search on a boring day... I live in San Antonio, and would love to know more about any locations or things here, as I can never find any comprehensive information, just general lists (Usually things like "The Mengar Hotel : Its sooooooooooooo creepy. . Preferably places that a random high school student would have access too.

Erm...Any information about me can be found in my journal, if for some reason someone wants to know more...


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[20 Mar 2005|02:00am]

Does anyone know anything about the penthouse above the 12th floor of the Driskell hotel? Oddly enough it looks as if the door is bolted shut from the outside. My girlfriend, her friend, and I went there tonight, and had a very strange experience. Too much to go into at the moment, but I was just curious if there was anyone who knew anything, or could at least point us in the right direction. Anything would help, especially a catalog or website of different ghost stories documented in the Driskell.

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Theme [24 Feb 2005|03:49am]

Belated greetings to our new members! I've been a terrible and neglectful mod (work and family issues have kept me from using the computer for longer than a few moments a day). But I am here and I do read what you all have to say. And I'd love to hear more! So, this time the theme is - "What was your first inkling that the supernatural exists?"

Mine was a comforting story, thankfully. As a child, I'd often feel as though I were not alone. More than an imaginary friend, I felt as though there were "people" around me even when I was all alone. I used to have frequent nightmares, and would wake up, terrified and stare out my doorway into the dark hallway and spend the rest of the night sleepless, too afraid to even close my eyes. After several months of this - the vivid nightmares, the sleepless nights - it reached it's worse point. I crawled into bed already too afraid of the impending nightmares to even shut my eyes. I stared into the darkness, petrified. I wanted to run to my parents room but was too scared to get out of my bed for fear that something was awaiting. I tried to scream for them, but I could not force myself to make a sound. For over an hour I lay like this, finally scared to tears. It was then that I felt the presence, not of something dangerous or frightening, but soothing, comforting. I looked around the room and then I saw the faintest shimmer soft white light. It was misty, but it looked like a person's figure, standing there beside my bed. It just stood there beside me and I felt the fear subside completely. It was as if this "person" were telling me without words that everything was fine, nothing was going to harm me. Then it left - it didn't fade slowly or leave the room, just vanished - and I immediately fell asleep.

that was the first time, at the age of 5 I think, that I realized there was more to this world than meets the eye, and thankfully it was a good experience.
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Mineral Wells, TX - Ghost Tours 2/19 [17 Feb 2005|02:00am]


The Baker Hotel, a 14 story abandoned former luxury hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas, is having tours and a conference this Saturday 2/19. All money goes to preservation of the Hotel.

Hotel Tours during the day from 10:00 - 5:00 - limited to 20 people each tour
Ghost Tours at night from 6:00 - 10:00 - limited to 10 people each tour
Tours cost $10 and should run approx. every hour to hour and a half.


I took pics of the interior last October. Click to view..
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Driskill Hotel in Austin [16 Feb 2005|07:58pm]

Recently my boyfriend and I have taken up a new hobby -- ghost-hunting. Or at least ghost-researching, as stories of the paranormal have always interested us both. We live in Austin, which features a number of historic buildings in the downtown area -- including the Driskill hotel, built in 1886 and reputed to be haunted.

We've poked around, done some research online and visited the place on a number of occasions, but there's only so much we can discover that way. So I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone has experienced any "strange happenings" at the Driskill firsthand -- or if you know anyone who has. We'd like to know specific facts, if you have them -- such as what rooms are supposedly haunted, when these strange happenings occurred, and so on. The more detail the better. And we're perfectly happy to post any of our findings here, for the curious!

Thanks for any help.
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new! [08 Jan 2005|11:07pm]

hi everyone. my name is Alma and i'm from the Harlingen, TX...the Rio Grande Valley.

i've been interested in the paranormal for as long as i can rememeber. i found this community via Google search...and decided to join!

i would be more than happy to share some personal stories with you, but i'm pressed on time right now, so i'll have to save that for a later day. :)
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Hello all! [01 Dec 2004|05:09am]

[ mood | awake ]

I just stumbled upon this group as a result of my unrelenting boredom. Woot!

Anyway, I'm a freelance photog from the Houston area who's really not been exposed to anything unusual really, sad to say. That's not to say I'm not trying though. I and a few of my friends are looking for some suggestions for haunted places around the area. There's a cemetery or 2 on the outskirts of Sugar Land where it seemed promising, but nothing really came of it. I did manage to get some good shots of old headstones by just pointing around in the dark though...

Then again, I spent part of last New Year's Eve in a cemetery in Maine. Now there's a good atmosphere for ghost stories. It's where I'm also moving to in a few weeks (Maine, not the cemetery). I guess I'm looking for a few things before the big goodbye!

Any tips or locations would be great!

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Story Behind the House [19 Nov 2004|04:03pm]

Well, I figured I should post the story about the house mentioned here.

Now all of this is second had from my mother and stepfather so please excuse some of the lack of facts.

My stepfather is a truck driver so, of course goes about everywhereish. He passed by the house many times and noticed a very strange thing. In the upper most window, sitting on the sill was a Winny the Pooh stuffed toy that was lit by a light behind it. That in itself is strange because no one lives there.
The next time he drove by he noticed the doll was missing and a window was broken. We guessed that someone had broken in a stole it for some silly reason. Later on the window was replaced, which means that someone is keeping the place up, as you can see from the picture in my earlier post. The only things wrong is it's a little worn, the yard is a bit of a wreck and the paint is all gone.
The third incident, the one that leads me to believe the house is haunted, happened a while back. My mother decided to go with my stepfather on of his runs, no big deal, she did it all the time. They decided to stop by the house and that is where the strangeness began.
My mother just got a really weird feeling and didn't want to be there (our entire family has even a slight bit of ghosty sensing abilities) and demanded they left. My stepfather wanted to go into the yard, bypassing the fence surrounding the house. Adamant as always my mom finally won. That, however, was not the end. He started acting weird, driving too fast through small towns and ignoring a few red lights and eating constantly. This lasted all the way to Lufkin(sp?) and my stepfather had no recollection of what had happened.
This incident got my interest peaked so now I am trying to track down information and failing horribly. We have many theories, mostly involving a child's death, mainly because of the Pooh toy. Not super freaky because I forgot a few facts, but still a little unnerving.
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brief introduction and story [14 Nov 2004|05:59pm]

i joined this community a few days ago, but i didn't have internet access to post for a bit, but i do now, so hi! I live in Austin now, i've lived in quite a few other places however (and yeah, that's my whole introduction :P you can always look at my userinfo / journal if you're really sad and thing you need my life story). the short story i'll share by way of introduction happened in east texas when i was about 13 years old.

my mom was pregnant with my brother. her body was attempting to go into labor too early, so she was ordered to bed rest. we had various family members in and out, to check up with, and visit her during that time. my aunt was over quite a bit. we lived in the swamp, in the basic middle of nowhere, so durng the day, the house was never locked or anything, and back where we lived, we had no accidental visitors. it was hard to find even if you WERE looking for it.

i was laying in the living room floor, watching TV. i knew my aunt was coming over to visit my mom later, but she'd let herself in, no worries. at some point i heard keys in the room behind me, but watching whatever-it-was, couldnt be bothered to turn around.
a voice (female) said "is your mother asleep" and i replied "no, just laying down" "ok" the voice said.

i didn't think anything of it. during the next commercial break, i went in my mother's room, and was alarmed to find her all alone. i asked where my aunt had gone, and my mom told me she hadn't shown up yet.
no one had been to our house all day.

over the years, we had quite a few instances of this. the sound of keys, followed by a distinct "hello?" or other question.
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